Things to do in Humboldt County 

Not only does Humboldt county have the best cannabis in the world but it is also home to great nature settings, art, and historic places. Hike around the biggest trees in the world in one of Humboldt counties many hiking trails, if you are lucky one might lead to a scenic view. Humboldt has a thriving art scene that pairs nicely with an evening dinner in downtown Arcata or Eureka. Humboldt county is filled with historic logging sites, forts, and land that holds much to learn about.  


Patricks Point State Park - This is a small National Park that has much to offer from  a reconstructed Yurok  plank  house village or interesting geological features that will amaze anyone who comes to see it. Dogs are also permitted on the site with a six foot leash however not allowed on the trails or beach

Fern Canyon - This is a great location to visit because it was the setting for Jurassic park 2 and Star Wars. This hike features green walls of ferns along a river familiar to any Jurassic park fan. The trail is about a mile long and is sometimes unavailable to access after it rains. 

Richardson Grove State Park - Established in 1922 this was one of the oldest redwood parks in California. This site is also along the south fork of the eel river so visitors can enjoy swimming or fishing. 

Six Rivers National Forrest The Smith, Kalamath, Trinity, Mad, Van Duzen and Eel rivers flow through this long narrow National Forest. This is a decidedly government web site but if you are willing to spend a little time you can uncover a wealth of information. This site has information on hiking, camping, off highway vehical use, whitewater paddling, bicycle riding, horse back riding and many other activites.

Grizzly Creek Redwood State Park - This site is home to five miles of trails as well as a very recognizable down tree that any Star Wars fan can recognize. If you ask your tour guide they might even help you find it.

Strawberry Rock - Located near Trinidad, this is a well known local land mark and incredible scenic viewing area if you can make the three mile hike. 


Humboldt's Premium - Great selection of outdoor and indoor flowers with a well organized counter. Also a very educated and friendly staff so feel to ask as many questions as you need. 

HPRC Eureka Cannabis Dispensary (Humboldt Patient Resource Center)

HPRC Arcata Cannabis Dispensary (Humboldt Patient Resource Center)


A very large floor plan that includes a bank vault and organized selection for your browsing pleasure. The floor is also organized to have a special topicals section so you can get what you need.

One of the oldest running cannabis dispensaries in California. Their main priority is patient relief and have a wide selection of topicals. 

The Ganjery - Home to an oxygen generator that produces specific terpene profiles to let customers experience different flavors cannabis has to offer.

Satori Wellness - Most people don't know Satori is also a skate brand called Satori Movement that makes skateboarding wheels and other parts. They always have a selection of exotic clones by good genetic companies if you ever wanted to grow your own. 

Heart of Humboldt  Offers reasonable prices and different discounts on each day so be sure to check before you head in. Also have daily discounts for veterans and good quality in house flower

Dr. GreenThumb - This dispensary offers Cookies brand products as well as Dr. GreenThumb brand in house flower. 


  • Arcata

    • ​Arcata Artisans Cooperative

    • the Sanctuary

    • Global Village Gallery

    • Pacific Art Center Theatre

    • Hunter Plaid Gallery & Studios

    • Fire Arts Center Ceramic & Glass

  • Eureka 

    • Old Town Art Gallery 

    • Art for Life 

    • Matt Beard Art Gallery