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Getting to Humboldt County


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Driving, Your Humboldt Road Trip

From the South

If driving up from the South there are three choices, Interstate 5, Highway 101 and Highway 1. Each is good for a different purpose, choose the path that best fits your needs.

Interstate 5, Quick and Easy

This is a full blown modern freeway with a 70 mph speed limit most of the way. It is straight flat fast and the least secinic of the options. Interstate 5 goes right up the Central Valley, known as one of the world's most productive agricultural regions. 

Highway 101, The Many Faces of California

Famous Highway 101 stretches from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and the California section is known to be a favorite. This road differs in charter from a major freeway in Los Angles to a two lane black top through rolling oak hills to the heart of downtown San Francisco and back to two lanes through widely acclaimed Napa Valley and finally beneath towering Redwoods to Humboldt County.

Highway 1, The California Classic

Highway 1 is an unforgettable road trip experience. This sometime very winding and always awe inspiring beautiful drive will take your breath away. Highway 1 is one of the most scenic drives in the world and the highlight for many visitors but expect to take your time and go slow to make the most out of this once in a life time journey. 

North - South Highways

Highway 20, Lake County

Highway 20 connects Interstate 5 with Highway 1 and 101 through Lake and Mendocino County's . Most of the drive is just two lanes and windy but there are farm stands, great views of Clear Lake and the mountains as well as wine tasting. Plan on taking your time for the most enjoyment. 

Highway 299, Over the Coast Range

Highway 299 connects Interstate 5 with Highway 101 and goes from Reading to Arcata. Although a scenic way to arrive Highway 299 is very windy and goes up and over two passes. This two lane highway goes through the historic gold mining area of Weaverville and follows the majestic Trinity River past the Trinity Alps Wilderness to the Humboldt Bay. Plan on stoping at the river in the summer time and take your time.   

Highway 36, For Adventurous Souls Only

Highway is the most back country, beautiful, lonely and treacherous route into Humboldt County. If you want an adventure this is it. This sometimes one lane dirt connects Interstate 5 at Red Bluff and Highway 101 at Fourtana on the coast. Not to be attempted by the faint of heart or in the winter time this drive will take you into a corner of California that most people never get to see. 

Highway 199, The Smith River Corrodor

Highway 199 follows the amazing and inspiring Smith River from Interstate 5 at Grants Pass, Oregon to Crescent City, California. Nationally renowned for pristine water the Smith is one of the last un-damed rivers in California. The water is crystal clear and still hosts a viable salmon fishery. Truly one of the crown jewels of California.


From San Francisco

Aproximate drive time: 6 Hours, with out stops.


Take Highway 101 North along the Coast Range. 

From Portland

From Los Angles

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