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Would you like to meet leaders, innovators and pioneers in the cannabis field? We can introduce you to movers and shakers in the business.

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Would you like your own personal gourmet chef to teach you how to craft delicious cannabis cuisine? We can arrange that. Just Ask

Are you intrested in the cutting edge of cannabis concentrate manufacturing technology? We can show you how it's done. Just Ask

Do you want to visit empty beaches and pristine redwood groves? We know the best hidden gems.

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How does a sauna then cannabis oil massage and then a soak in an authentic redwood hot tub sound? We can make it happen. Just Ask

Do you like to sample award winning beer, wine and spirits? We know the brewers, vinters and distillers.

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We can arrange for you to be picked anywhere in the world and flown directly to the heart of the Emerald Triangle. 

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Humboldt Cannabis Tours

(707) 839-4640

215 C Street, Suite D-1

Eureka, CA 95501

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