Living Like a Local

Local Values

Stay off of private property

Don't litter and clean up other's trash if you can

Respect the land, forest and waters including the creatures that live there

Shop and spend localy


Always bring a sweat shirt


Local Customs

Humboldt County from about Fourtna south is called "So. Hum". There is no "No. Hum" folks usuley say the town or area in the north they are talking about.

Hitch hikeing is very common although illegal and not recomended by us.


People are more free with hugs here but be respectful. 

If you see someone behind you while driving on a country road pull over as soon as you safely can to let them pass.


Never ask where someone is employed or where their living comes from. They will tell you if they want to.

Do not ask where, exactley, people live. Its ok to ask what area but don't try to get too specific.

If people don't want to tell you specifics about some part of their life let it go and don't push.

Do not drive down roads or drive ways if you do not know exectley where they go. 


Wave at everyone you see on a country road. You cannot wave too much. 

If you open a gate to go through it close it behind you. If it is open when you go through leave it open. 

Time moves a little slower here. Sometimes folks can be a little late for apointments. Its called being on Humboldt Time.

Keeping Up with the Times in Humboldt

North Coast Journal


Emerald Ttribune



Lost Coast Outpost

Redheaded Blackbelt


Locals Favorite Events

Kenetic Scupture Race

Raggee on the River

Oyster Fest

Hops in Humboldt

Summer Music and Arts Festival

Farmers Markets

Arts Arcata and Arts Eureka

Humboldt Crabs Baseball games


Kenitic race

Farmers Markets

Local Charities

The Enviromental Protection and Information Center

Humboldt Bay Keeper


Mad River Alliance

Mattole Restoration Council

Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction 

Food For People

The Mateel Community Center