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Gold Bluffs Beach

Fee: $8 Day use

Gold Bluffs beach is in Redwood National Park. It is a long adventures drive down a Davdison Road, a good dirt road through thick forest and along the beach. This long sandy beach offers hiking and bike trails including the famous Fern Canyon where Jurassic Park 2 was filmed. There is camping and bathrooms at the end of the road. Check with the Visitors Center to make sure the road is open.  The phone number is (707) 488-2039.

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Dry Lagoon State Park 



Big Lagoon County Park


 The .

Patrick's Point State Park



Humboldt County Hikeing Information

Finding an empty streach of beach to wander for hours is one of the uneque pleasures of visiting Humboldt County. We have long sandy beaches, rocky cliff, tide pools, dunes and lagoons. Please take into consideration the following rules and saftey information.

  • Be aware of the tide and wave conditions. Check conditions before going.

  • Beware of very cold water.

  • Rip tides and strong currents are very common.

  • Some beaches are managed by the Fedral Goverment and have a zero tolerance policy on cannabis. See discriptions below.

  • Never turn your back on the ocean. Sneaker waves kill people every year on the California Coast. The sea can seem calm and then their can be a much larger wave.

  • The entire North Coast has the potential to be hit with a massive tsunami. If you feel strong shakeing head to higher ground.

  • Dogs are only allowed off leash at Moonstone State Beach. Please clean up after your pet.

  • Pick up your trash please.

  • Nudity is not leagal on any beach in California but is sometimes tolorated at some beaches in Humboldt.

  • Smoking of anything is techincley illegal on all California beaches although many ignore the law.

  • You may collect as much driftwod as you can carry with your arms each day

  • You will need a California Fishing License to fish, clam or crab.

  •  Camping outside a designated camp site on the beach is illegal.

  • Fires are legal on some beaches check regulations bellow.

  • Bring an extra layer, it can get windy.

College Cove


Trinidad State Beach


Luffenholtz Beach County Fishing Access



Houda Point Access


Moonstone County Park

Clam Beach County Park

Mad River Beach County Park


North Spit of Humboldt Bay


Somoa Dunes Recreational Area


South Spit of Humboldt Bay and Jetty


Crab County Park


Centerville Beach County Park


Russ Ranch Beach

Mattole River Mouth and Beach


Lost Coast Trail


Shelter Cove and Black Sand Beach